Telangana Govt to identify Aasara Beneficiaries With Voter id

Telangana Govt to identify Aasara Beneficiaries With Voter id – Hamara Telangana

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The Telangana state government has proposed an arrangement to utilize voter data to distinguish new recipients for the Aasara annuities, a welfare plan of benefits for senior nationals, those with an incapacity, genuine diseases and for specific networks. This move, in any case, has by and by expedited the discussion security to the fore, with many expecting that the utilization of voter information for administration could make ready for voter profiling, for targetted battling by political gatherings. This worry comes when countless in Telangana were not able made their choice amid the as of late closed surveys in the state.

Prior this week, Chief Secretary to the Telangana government SK Joshi, at a gathering with his kindred civil servants, had declared that the new recipients to the Aasara annuities can be distinguished utilizing the constituent information of voters. The new recipients are being added to the plan as a feature of the Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao’s race guarantee.

After the gathering, Joshi supposedly told the media that discretionary moves information got through the Samagra Kutumba Survey (SKS) study could be utilized to distinguish recipients. Different news sources cited the official as saying, “The rundown of town astute and locale savvy recipients ought to be sent inside three days.”

The Aasara benefits plot in the state is profited by more than 39 lakh people over the age of 65 and underneath a specific salary limit. Presently, the qualification criteria for the plan is being diminished from 60 years to 57 years old. The state government has likewise expanded the benefits sum from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,016 and is relied upon to kick in from April 1, 2019.

Unexpectedly, the authorities with the Finance and Pensions Department revealed to TNM that they have not yet gotten any official implication from the state government, not even to start distinguishing the plan recipients.

At the point when Aadhaar factor, as well, becomes an integral factor

An individual’s voter character card contains the name of the voter, who the voter is identified with, age, sex, address and the photograph personality card number. Specialists call attention to that when the data contained in a voter id card is joined with the Aadhaar information, it gives any state government a profile of the voter.

Picture this: An administration knows which voter profited through its plans. Presently, what prevents this legislature from connecting with these recipients to cast a ballot them back to control? This is the issue, Srinivas Kodali, an autonomous specialist based out of Hyderabad, is inquiring.

“This sort of use of state framework to focus on a lot of voters, by investigating their information, is hurtful and has no place in a majority rules system. The use of voter data in administration will prompt particular inclination towards explicit gatherings while disregarding other powerless gatherings,” said Srinivas, who has requested of with the Hyderabad High Court looking for straightforwardness in appointive move decontamination.

“The administration has no business to be in control of voter ID data in any case,” he included.

The State Resident Data Hub (SRDH) of the Telangana government, populated through information from the SKS, contains the voter id, Aadhaar, salary, individual subtleties and even geolocation of each Telangana inhabitant. A few reports demonstrate that Telangana isn’t the only one; numerous states have officially fabricated or are building their own SRDHs.

“Voter profiling utilizing information from SRDHs is conceivable on the grounds that the Aadhaar is connected with a few plans a voter is a piece of,” said Apar Gupta, a legal counselor and fellow benefactor of the Internet Freedom Foundation. He called attention to that when the prior subtleties of the Aadhaar statistic database are packaged with the individual subtleties, which are accessible on the appointive moves, it prompts a more profound understanding into an individual.

“The mischief is as far as voter distinguishing proof, focusing on and utilization of the understanding picked up past sponsorship. A type of virtual profiling of an individual, if all data thought about the individual, is connected by one special distinguishing highlight,” he included.

So where is the proof that any state government with a SRDH is profiling a voter?

“This the great issue in security and observation contentions, where the substantial quality of mischief and furthermore the proof of utilization is missing,” said Apar, who opined that current controls center around information gathering and not on information use and exposure. “In Telangana, information gathering is clear and, when the utilization of information isn’t directed, that independent from anyone else gives a requirement for higher investigation and doubt of information accumulation. There is nobody to uphold the limit of utilization of these databases,” he included.

Will ECI remain a quiet observer?

The Election Commission of India (ECI) in charge of the discretionary rolls was sometime in the distant past a quiet observer when the Telangana state government began gathering voter id cards for their study in 2014. Be that as it may, from that point forward, out of the blue, the ECI has cracked down on the Delhi government when they attempted to do their very own information accumulation this year.

The Delhi government was gathering Aadhaar, voter id and other individual subtleties of groups of school understudies. Regardless of the ECI request to end the procedure, the state government has chosen to proceed with their information accumulation.

“The Delhi government has purportedly told the ECI that they must be halted if information accumulation by other state and private on-screen characters alike are made ‘invalid’. The ECI is right in saying that the legislature can’t gather the information. In any case, the Delhi government is likewise right in requesting that in the event that they are banned, so should different states and private players be banished. The inquiry is, will the ECI issue a notice or ask the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) government what they intend to do with the gathered voter id information,” asked Raman Jit Singh Chima, Policy Director, Access Now, a backing bunch committed to open and free Internet.

“The ECI has cybersecurity rules, where they state that they won’t permit machine-meaningful variants of the constituent database. This is a confirmation from the ECI that the appointive move information in the wrong hands could be abused,” he included.


A lady in Hyderabad has asserted that she was given triple talaq by her better half via telephone after she brought forth an infant young lady. The occurrence, which occurred in the city’s Tolichowki region around three weeks back, became visible after the lady held up an objection with the police and moved toward the media.

The blamed, distinguished as Shareef, is said to fill in as a vital in a school in Tolichowki region. Addressing columnists, the lady said that the marriage occurred on January 6, 2017 and everything was smooth for the principal month.

“They didn’t request any endowment before marriage, yet at the same time we gave whatever we could bear. Multi month into the marriage, he began tormenting me asking what my family has given them. They used to beat me notwithstanding when I was pregnant. My relative likewise used to whip me. After the young lady youngster was conceived around three months prior, the torment expanded. Rationally they irritated me, till I began experiencing misery. At that point they called my folks who brought me back home. I even needed to get admitted to the healing center,” the lady asserted.

She likewise asserted that she had a solid doubt that the blamed was having an unsanctioned romance.

“When I came back to my parent’s home, he called me and articulated triple talaq via telephone. At that point a separation announcement got back home despite the fact that I begged them not to do as such. I need equity. I don’t need him to demolish another lady’s life thusly,” the lady included.

She additionally affirmed that she was being scared and compromised as far back as she moved toward the police and documented a protestation.

Addressing the media, Inspector Manjula from the Central Crime Station (CCS) stated, “The lady moved toward us on November 23. We offered to advise the couple however the lady was resolved that a case must be enrolled in light of the fact that she said she had experienced a great deal of badgering. We enrolled a case and led an examination.”

“We had served a notice to the spouse, relative and father-in-law of the lady and they finished all the lawful customs. A week ago, we discovered that the blamed gave triple talaq to the lady via telephone. We are taking up examination again and we will pursue the law,” she included.

Moment triple talaq is deciphered as the Islamic routine with regards to separating from a lady by expressing the word ‘talaq’ thrice.

In August a year ago, in a milestone judgment, the Supreme Court by a 3-2 choice struck as the centuries progressed old routine with regards to moment triple talaq among Indian Muslims as illegal, plainly discretionary and void in law. Two judges said that it ought to be up to the Parliament to pass an enactment bill to authoritatively boycott the training.

In any case, the minority judgment inferred that “talaq-e-biddat” involved individual law of Muslims that does not rupture the Constitution’s Article 25 (ideal to rehearse one’s religion).

In September this year, a law to make triple talaq a criminal offense had been passed. Prior this week, the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2018, generally known as the Triple Talaq Bill, was presented in the Lok Sabha.

This bill makes giving triple talaq void and illicit, and is deserving of up to three years detainment for the man. The bill, whenever passed, makes it a reformatory offense.

“The bill was gotten according to the heading of the Supreme Court to secure the privileges of Muslim ladies. A few Muslim ladies endured because of moment talaq. This bill is to the country’s advantage and sacred,” Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said before presenting the bill.

The legislature couldn’t pass the bill in the Rajya Sabha amid the past storm session

Telangana Govt to identify Aasara Beneficiaries With Voter id – Hamara Telangana
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